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Suid-Afrika, Suid Afrikaanse Rand 1 ZAR = ZAR 1.00 Verenigde State van Amerika, Amerikaanse Dollar 1 USD = ZAR 16.67Europese Unie, Europese Euro 1 EUR = ZAR 19.06Groot Britanje, Britse Pond 1 GBP = ZAR 21.04Australië, Australise Dollar 1 UAD = ZAR 11.68Kanada, Kanadese Dollar 1 CAD = ZAR 12.31Japan, Japanese Yen 1 JPY = ZAR 0.1557Switzerland, Switzerse Frank 1 CHF = ZAR 17.71Nigerië, Nigeriese Naira 1 NGN = ZAR 0.0450Armenië, Armeniese Dram 1 AMD = ZAR 0.0341Guyana, Guyanese Dollar 1 GYD = ZAR 0.0798Rwanda, Rwandese Frank 1 RWF = ZAR 0.0174Sjina, Sjinese Yuan 1 CNY = ZAR 2.38Hongarye, Hongaarse Forint 1 HUF = ZAR 0.0540Wit-Rusland, Wit-Rusiese Roebel 1 BYN = ZAR 6.95Moldawië, Moldawiese Lei 1 MDL = ZAR 0.9761Namibië, Namibiese Dollar 1 NAD = ZAR 1.00Kroasië, Kroasiese Kuna 1 HRK = ZAR 2.53Oesbekistan, Oesbekistaniese Sum 1 UZS = ZAR 0.0016Hong Kong, Hong Kongse Dollar 1 HKD = ZAR 2.15Angola, Angolese Kwanza 1 AOA = ZAR 0.0290Mexiko, Mexikaanse Peso 1 MXN = ZAR 0.7470Servië, Serviese Dinar 1 RSD = ZAR 0.1571Lesoeto, Lesoeto Loti 1 LSL = ZAR 1.00Samoa, Samoaanse Tala 1 WST = ZAR 6.31Mauritius, Mauritius Rupee 1 MUR = ZAR 0.4156Nederlandse Antilliaanse, Nederlandse Antilliaanse Gulder 1 ANG = ZAR 9.29Bosnië en Herzegovina, Bosnië en Herzegoviniese Mark 1 BAM = ZAR 9.70Algerië, Algeriese Dinar 1 DZD = ZAR 0.1294Poland, Poolse Zloty 1 PLN = ZAR 4.26Tunisië, Tunisiese Dinar 1 TND = ZAR 5.76Zambië, Zambiese Kwacha 1 ZMW = ZAR 0.9177Brunei, Brunei Dollar 1 BND = ZAR 11.97Singapoer, Singapoer Dollar 1 SGD = ZAR 11.99Oman, Omaniese Rial 1 OMR = ZAR 43.31Maldiewe‐Eilande, Maldiewe‐Eilande Rufiyaa 1 MVR = ZAR 1.08Kolombië, Kolombiese Peso 1 COP = ZAR 0.0046Argentië, Argentynse Peso 1 ARS = ZAR 0.2338Swaziland, Swazi Lilangeni 1 SZL = ZAR 1.00Indië, Indiese Rupee 1 INR = ZAR 0.2216Barbados, Barbados Dollar 1 BBD = ZAR 8.34Venezuela, Venezueliese Bolivar 1 VES = ZAR 0.0001Nicaragua, Nicaragua Córdoba 1 NIO = ZAR 0.4824Macau, Macanese Pataca 1 MOP = ZAR 2.09Panama, Panama Balboa 1 PAB = ZAR 16.67Salamo Eilande, Salamo Eiland Dollar 1 SBD = ZAR 2.01Guatemala, Guatemaliese Quetzal 1 GTQ = ZAR 2.17Botswana, Botswana Pula 1 BWP = ZAR 1.44Burundië, Burundiese Frank 1 BIF = ZAR 0.0087Georgië, Georgiese Lari 1 GEL = ZAR 5.37Bahamas, Bahamiese Dollar 1 BSD = ZAR 16.67Guinee, Guineeiese Frank 1 GNF = ZAR 0.0017Sierra Leone, Sierra Leoniese Leone 1 SLL = ZAR 0.0017
Something incredible has arrived! Something incredible has arrived!  
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Something incredible has arrived!


Something incredible has arrived!

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