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Rafaa Tm Rafaa Tm  
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Rafaa Tm

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Foto 1: Rafaa Tm
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Lemon Rafaa 1 Liter  R250
Unflavoured Rafaa 1 Liter R250 
Aloe Rafaa 1 Liter  R250
Orange Rafaa 1 Liter R250
Mineral Slimming Rafaa 1 Liter R350

Pet Rafaa 1 Liter R300

 Rafaa™ is a specialized, patented mixture which consists of two main components: probiotics and organic acids. 

Probiotics are the organisms found in the digestive tract include mainly friendly bacteria and a few fungi. There is a very delicate balance between these and a disruption in this balance results in the following:

·  Candida and Crohn's disease

·  Influenza

·  Toxic build up

 Rafaa™ contains live colonies of micro organisms in a favourable growth medium. These micro-organisms in Rafaa™ get to work immediately after ingestion. Rafaa™ starts to normalize conditions in the gut resulting in regular bowel movements - the best detox available!

Organic Acids

Some of the organic acids found in Rafaa™ are fulvic acids, humic acids and amino acids that our bodies desperately need for optimum health but are not freely available in our diet. Fruits and vegetables are supposed to contain these organic acids, but no longer do due to the soil and plants that have been treated with chemicals and insecticides. This results in our bodied being poisoned over time which in turn breaks down our immune system and makes us vulnerable to diseases.

Rafaa™ contains these essential organic acids, which helps your body build a better immune system. 

 What effect do the organic acids and probiotics have on the body?

·  Fights Candida

·  Kills e coli (gastro)

·  Restores the pH in the body (gout, arthritis, acid reflux)

·  Detoxes the body (ADD, depression, cancers, Alzheimer’s)

·  Regulates immune function (Lupus, Parkinson's, HIV)

·  Powerful electrolyte (improves brain function)

·  Regulates conditions in the gut (irritable bowel syndrome, acid reflux, stomach ulcers, eczema)

·  Builds the immune system(allergies, decreases susceptibility to illness and disease—HIV)

·  Powerful anti-oxidant (combines with toxins, neutralizes them and flushes them out) 

·  Anti-microbial, promotes cell division and blood circulation (used externally for wounds)

·  Anti inflammatory (internally and externally)

·  Synthesizes B6 and B12 vitamins

·  TB directly correlates to the absence of organic acids

·  Converts inorganic minerals to organic minerals which aids in the formation of new cells and enhances bone growth

·  Facilitates healing processes in the body

·  Improves RNA and DNA synthesis

How is Rafaa™ Used? 

Rafaa™ can be used orally or externally for wounds, eczema, etc.

For Oral Use:
Rafaa™ can be taken once or twice a day diluted with water or fruit juice. If you are using medication, first drink medication, wait a half an hour and then drink Rafaa™.

For External Use:
Rafaa™ can be applied to wounds, infections and eczema twice or three times a day, leave to dry on skin.

 Is Rafaa™ Safe?Rafaa™ is registered by the medicinal board as a schedule C0 medicine: COMPLEMENTARY MEDICINE. Medicines and related substances Act. ACT 101 of 1965; SECTION 14(1) (PCT/IB 20050054183)

During pregnancy and lactation, a Healthcare Practitioner should be consulted first. Aloe Rafaa™ is not recommended for infants below 2 years of age and pregnant or lactating ladies.

Are there any Side Effects while Using Rafaa™

When using Rafaa™ for the first time, it is possible to feel detoxing effects for the first few days, this could include mild headaches, nausea and muscle/joint aches. The reason for this is that your body is detoxing itself from all toxins, but the feeling should pass away within the first few days as your body rids itself from unwanted toxins and chemicals.

 Rafaa Products CC patented Rafaa™ (PCT/IB2005/054183) and is registered by the medical board as a schedule C0 medicine.

Beware of fake imitations; Rafaa Products CC are the sole manufacturers of all Rafaa products, ensuring the very best in quality and health.

Original Rafaa™                              Rafaa™ with no added flavourings, designed for people with food and flavouring allergies

Lemon Rafaa™                                 Rafaa™ flavoured with a slight hint of lemon

Orange Rafaa™                             Rafaa™ flavoured with a slight hint of orange

Aloe Rafaa™                                     A combination of Lemon Rafaa™ and Aloe Ferox Juice 

Mineral Rafaa™                               A combination of Rafaa™, minerals, green tea, and aloe ferox.

Used as a mineral supplement which  n slimming 

Pet Rafaa™                                      Rafaa™ especially designed for pets


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