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Besigheid te koop

Diesel and Fuel injection specialist centre situated in Klerksdorp Northwest province. This business has received  many awards like ABSA business of the year for more than once. Business established well over  20 years. The core activity of the business is the repair and calibration of diesel injection pumps, Turbo's and Injectors ( Including New Common Rail systems), for all types of diesel engines. The workshop is fully equipped for the testing and repair of petrol engines as well as the testing and measurement of power and torque by means of a computerized dynamometer.
The total replacement value of the equipment is well over R 2.5 mil. The premises is a well situated corner stand with a dust and climate controlled workshop adjacent to a enclosed test area. There is a fully equipped office and reception area, parts store, mechanical workshop, kitchen and toilet facilities. Outside this area there is a large under roof safe parking area for customers vehicles in the process of repair. The Dynamometer is in its own enclosed room to isolate the rest of the operation from the noise associated with performance testing. The premises is very visible and in full view of three to four busy roads, situated just on the perimeter of the CBD. Ample parking outside and well maintained buildings.
The business is available as a running concern with its current customer base. No surcharge is added to the price for the goodwill or client value, what you see is what you pay for. This is a excellent opportunity for well trained injection / diesel / performance automotive technicians or specialists, wishing to have their own business or expand their current footprint. The business can easily be converted with minimal expenses to a franchise like Bosch, Adco, Steves or what ever the operator wish to do.
By adding a BEE partnership or arrangement, will move the business to a new level.
The property is also available for sale or rent.
Transitional training can also be arranged to accommodate a soft takeover.
Reason for selling - health
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